Dirty Dave's Compilation of One-liners...

Q. What is a lesbian's favorite thing to eat?
A. A Klondike Bar

Q. What do a walrus and Tupperware have in common?
A. They both like a tight seal.


Q. Did you hear about the constipated mathematician?
A. He worked it out with a pencil.

Q. What's the difference between tampons and cowboy hats?
A. Cowboy hats are for ass holes.

Q. Why is it called a Wonder Bra?
A. When she takes it off, you wonder where her tits went.


Q. What's the difference between parsley and pussy?
A. Who the fuck eats parsley?

Q. What is the definition of a menstrual period?
A. A bloody waste of fucking time.


Q. What is the Difference Between Pussy and Apple Pie?
A. You can eat your mom's apple pie.


Q. How are women and linoleum floors alike?
A. You lay them right the first time and you can walk all over them for the next 20 years.


Q. How many men does it take to open a beer bottle?
A. None It should be open when she brings it to you


Q. How can you tell a head nurse?
A. She's the one with the dirty knees!


Q. When does a Cub Scout become a Boy Scout?
A. When he eats his first Brownie


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